Nuove porte ADL per gli uffici di Mind The Valley a Milano

Mind the value

Mind the value 1920 1080 ADL Design

Mind The Value, a prominent company specialized in process optimization and information technology consulting, has renovated its offices in Milan.


Clinica Dra. Clavero

Clinica Dra. Clavero 1500 1000 ADL Design

The Mies and Mitica partitioning systems take center stage for the restyling of the Clinica Dra. Clavero dental clinic in Valladolid, Spain.

Ristorante Sushi Ono a Mantova

Sushi Ono

Sushi Ono 1170 878 ADL Design

Sushi Ono Town / Country Mantova – Italy Client Sushi Ono Product ADL Door Levante Photo Davide Galli Atelier Project Partner Ghiroldi Design The versatility of the Levante partitioning system…

ADL Design Valore Spa

Valore Spa

Valore Spa 1024 683 ADL Design

The project for the Valore Spa headquarters was born with the intention of creating a collective space that favors communication between people while dividing the room into different areas to ensure privacy to each office.

ADL Design The Origami Office

The Origami Office

The Origami Office 1920 1280 ADL Design

The Origami office has a particular and innovative architectural structure in which the ADL systems have found the perfect location, bringing a high value to the project.

ADL Design Naomi Steinfeld & Co Law Offices

Naomi Steinfeld & Co Law Offices

Naomi Steinfeld & Co Law Offices 2000 1333 ADL Design

The project by the law firm Naomi Steinfeld & Co, carried out in 2014, was born from a clear objective: to create a flowing space characterized by maximum visibility between the different working areas for creating a warm and welcoming environment.

ADL Design Biohouse


BIOHOUSE 1920 1280 ADL Design

The Biohouse co-working complex project, created by the Israeli studio Open Mind Art Architectures, was guided by a precise concept: to create a shared space in which people can come together to build, design and develop ideas.

ADL Design Caffè Diemme Academy

Diemme Academy, Roasting Company, Showroom and Training

Diemme Academy, Roasting Company, Showroom and Training 1024 683 ADL Design

The Caffè Diemme Academy project, carried out in 2018 by the Gherardi Architetti studio in Castelfranco Veneto, was guided by a clear idea: “to allow all members of the Diemme community to train and receive training in a beautiful and welcoming space that is intimate, but also favors communication between the different areas”.