ADL's collection of designer doors with advanced technology is functional, durable and suitable for any kind of setting and project

Technology & Design

ADL is the aesthetic form that arises from the function of the product; it is the union between technology and design, between functionality and aesthetics. ADL doors are pure technology, starting with the devices and going right through to the materials. Each single construction detail is conceived and designed to reach increasingly higher objective levels, with innovative products. Everything is designed to create the best possible door, and nothing is left to chance: the sliding doors become increasingly smoother; the noise of the carriage on the tracks becomes increasingly quieter; and the various ways to open them become increasingly more practical. Glass and aluminium, high-tech and innovative materials, are the primary materials that ADL uses for its products.

A frame made entirely of aluminium is light, but at the same time it is sturdy and long-lasting. It gives the door a technical aspect that blends perfectly with the glass pane, helping it to isolate sounds and smells. Depending on the chosen finish, it allows you to adjust the level of light in the room. The company continues its design research and experimentation, and is highly skilled in customisation. Each form, material, finish and colour is designed and used for each specific project. Where design does not prevail over technology; it joins it, so that they can coexist within the ADL product.

Reliability & Guarantee

The extra thickness of the aluminium extrusion profiles ensures maximum strength and durability. The doors slide silently and safely, even if they are large, supported by carriages with high load capacity bearings. The self-braking devices and the unique skid control device offer additional safety and reliability. The multiple available adjustments and size tolerances permit easy installation in any kind of environment. Each single construction detail (hinges, locks, die cast spacers) is carefully designed to ensure that the final product is safe and reliable.
The continuous tests carried out on ADL products confirm that the doors and components used, continue to function perfectly over time; for example, the peak torque of the door hinges doesn’t decrease over time. The glass, which is tempered and/or laminated, also guarantees safety and is certified by the individual manufacturers.

ADL Design Technology