Mind the value

Mind the value 1920 1080 ADL Design

Mind the value

City / Country
Milan / Italy

Mind the value

Flush-door Materica with custom wood
Frameless glass wall MIES with swing door Mitica

Project Partner

Sara Magni

Mind The Value, a prominent company specialized in process optimization and information technology consulting, has renovated its offices in Milan. The project has transformed the spaces, which had remained unchanged since the 1970s, into a cutting-edge and inspiring work environment.

The objective of the project was to create a space that aligns with the company’s dynamic, flexible, modern, and well-being-oriented mindset. The concept behind the renovation was to create a well-defined yet integrated space where various aspects of personal and professional life could seamlessly intersect.

The renovation has maximized natural light and created a more fluid and interconnected environment. The central area of the offices has been designated for more private spaces, while the lateral areas have been converted into flexible workspaces and a lounge area that can be transformed into an auditorium for special company events.

The choice of materials and colors has created a distinctive and captivating environment that complements the overall atmosphere, which is bright and elegant, without overpowering it.