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ADL Design Tecnology

Technology & Design

In 2004, Designer Massimo Luca gives birth to the visionary project Adl, born with the aim of designing and producing fully-functional, aluminium-made interior doors with an excellent aesthetic and a particular attention and care towards sustainability during the choice of materials.

A New Concept Of Transparency

Glass can control, reflect and refract light and multiply and distort our vision. Like a membrane or ideal border it conceals and protects. An effective screen
between the indoor and outdoor world, between a closed and open space that lets the light through but stops the air.

ADL Design
ADL Design Certifications

Acoustic Certification For The Mies Wall

Thanks to the POR we financed the acoustic certification of the MIES wall obtaining the 36 dB reduction. The certificate was made in a laboratory authorized by the ministry and recognized internationally.

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ADL Design