Open Projects

A new home concept in which the rooms are connected in a dynamic and flowing way due to ADL's range of interior door systems

Open Projects is a new home concept where the different areas are defined by dynamic and connective elements that allow the inhabitants to experience them in a new way, while favoring the unitary perception of the house itself. It’s a contemporary interpretation of the “flowing spaces” by Mies Van Der Rohe, which involves the subdivision of the basic elements of architecture into solid parts and fluid parts. Among the latter, the internal partitions and ADL opening systems play a central role, capable of combining the solid structural architecture with the Boffi|DePadova Group’s galaxy of interior design systems and objects of which ADL is an integral part.

When we say the word home, we do not think of the materials and objects that make up the place where we live, but rather an emotional space, made up of memories, scents, passions. The harmonic sum of all this generates a warm sense of unique and unrepeatable well-being within us. And it is this value that inspires Open Projects, an innovative aesthetic execution that combines architecture with interior design.

ADL Design Open Projects

“Flowing spaces” and “free plan”

ADL connective systems make it possible to think in a new way about the partitions of the spaces where we live and, consequently, the architectural structure itself. Although each of us seeks (even unconsciously) the sense of unity, each home, to be livable, must be divided into different areas with their own specific requirements of functionality, light, visibility, acoustics, odor control, humidity and so on.
Open Projects responds to these apparently conflicting needs through an advanced system of glass and aluminum walls and closing systems that allow you to free the space from static opaque walls, dividing the space into dynamic structures capable of guaranteeing the best functionality of any domestic environment ideally connecting it with the rest of the house. Mies Van Der Rohe’s vision has become a reality.

ADL Design Open Projects
ADL Design Open Projects

Solid and liquid architecture

Thanks to ADL systems, it is possible to think about the architecture of new houses by dividing the roles of the structural (solid) parts from the dynamic (liquid) ones in order to favor the unitary perception of space. The idea is to free the plant from the opaque service structures, bringing them to the perimeter areas, and to replace the old walls with dynamic structures that connect the different areas of the house according to the needs that can change during the day or during the long life of the house itself.
The single-glaze and double-glazed Mies compartments and the wide range of ADL opening systems allow us to design the domestic spaces in a new, dynamic way and harmonize them with both the architecture and the systems and objects of the interior design.

ADL Design Open Projects

Connective energies

Just as in music where the notes are linked by the melody, in Open Projects, the connective energy joins all the parts together and creates shapes with infinite aesthetic harmonies. It’s the flow of that energy that rules and arranges every single note of the compositional scene.
Sequentiality, Radiality and Connectivity are the first three architectural forms that demonstrate how, as the shape of the flow changes, the overall scene is transformed and every single Boffi|DePadova object is so consistent to the whole that it even merges with it.

ADL Design Open Projects


ADL Design Open Projects

The connecting energy with a straight development uses the idea of progressive narration, a sequential visual story that harmonizes all the spaces of everyday life.


ADL Design Open Projects

The sphere is the inspiring form of this second connective energy. A luminous center holds the satellite spaces around itself like a powerful sun.


ADL Design Open Projects

Complexity finds harmony in structured forms of connective energy. The relations between the parts must be free to flow through lines free from simple geometries.