Discover the certificates obtained by ADL relative to the acoustic insulation of the glass room dividers, the sunshade panels and the privacy screens

Acoustic Certification For The Mies Wall

Thanks to the POR we financed the acoustic certification of the MIES wall obtaining the 36 dB reduction. The certificate was made in a laboratory authorized by the ministry and recognized internationally.

ADL Design Certifications
ADL Design Certifications

Levante Certifications

Made entirely of aluminum, Levante is the first ADL panel that can also be used for arranging outdoor spaces as a sunshade and mobile windbreak element, equipped with a CE marking. Specifically, the ADL system has brilliantly passed the wind load resistance tests according to the UNI EN 1932: 2013 and UNI EN 13659: 2015 standards, reaching the maximum class 6.
The product was also subjected to some aging tests in salt spray according to the UNI EN ISO 9227: 2017 standard, reaching the goal of the high C4 class. This important result, the maximum for the commercial category to which Levante belongs, confirms the high quality standard of all the materials and components used in the creation of this innovative product.