MyRoom is a system capable of dividing the space by creating rooms through a system of framed glass panels and swing doors that allow you to maintain a high visual connection while, at the same time, promote the liveability of the space dedicated to your passions. With MyRoom, it is possible to achieve stylistic continuity with the main ADL space connection systems, thus guaranteeing the unified perception of the living space.



The Japanese-style Japo door is characterized by elegant intersections between vertical uprights and thin, lowered horizontal crosspieces. The door is offered with three different types of upright spacing which determine three different stylistic interpretations: J1, J2, J3.



The Mitica series of internal glass doors is characterized by its rigorous aesthetics given by the aluminum profile which houses the glass centrally and by the geometry of the door frame which is made with 18×38 mm uprights and 36×38 transoms mm.