Boffi|DePadova @Milano Design City 2020

Boffi|DePadova @Milano Design City 2020 150 150 ADL Design

Boffi|DePadova invites you to discover the 2020 collection within the company’s Milanese renovated showrooms during the upcoming Milan Design City; two weeks of events in design places all over the city.

Boffi|DePadova presents all the new creations of the group: from the new Boffi systems designed by the art director Piero Lissoni to the De Padova collections by designers in consolidated collaboration with the firm, all the way to the innovation of the ADL dividing and connecting systems, as well as the presentation of the Time & Style ēdition capsule collection, in partnership with the Japanese brand Time & Style. A crescendo that updates the group’s focus on integrated solutions.

Boffi Solferino
Via Solferino, 11

De Padova Milano
Via S.Cecilia, 7

Boffi|DePadova Miami new opening

Boffi|DePadova Miami new opening 150 150 ADL Design

Boffi|DePadova further bolsters its international brand image with a new opening in the Miami Design District.

CEO Roberto Gavazzi describes this operation as “the latest example of the ability of Boffi|DePadova to combine elements with different philosophies and points of view into a truly unique project.”

The 600-sqm space is designed to integrate Boffi systems, De Padova contemporary furnishings, the architectural partitioning solutions from ADL and pieces from the Time & Style ēdition collection, the new partnership established with Japanese company Time & Style.

The iconic mood is captured by an industrial ambiance of informal hues made of charcoal grey and stainless steel that dominate the layout and frame the shapes, colours, combinations and materials selected by the Boffi|DePadova creative direction.

“With the Boffi|DePadova flagship store in Miami”, says Gavazzi, “we are introducing our fifth direct showroom in the US. Our concept of internationalization is not just marked by quantitative growth, but also by the desire to proudly show off our know-how and the many combinations of different worlds that can coexist: kitchens and bathrooms systems integrating with the most prestigious decor and the most innovative technologies.”

ADL @ Boffi Solferino

ADL @ Boffi Solferino 150 150 ADL Design

A new ADL showroom opens its doors in Via Solferino inside the Boffi|DePadova space that is situated at the heart of the Milanese and international design scene.

The new display is designed to show off the detailed solutions from ADL in a technical space offering elements that respond to any design related need.

The inviting space allows customers and designers the opportunity to experience the layouts, touch the materials, experiment with product technology and immerse themselves in a new sort of interior design where one is able to design their own living space.

ADL joins the Boffi Group

ADL joins the Boffi Group 150 150 ADL Design

ADL joins the Boffi Group with an initial acquisition of 50% of shares.

Boffi and ADL officialised a strategic alliance to introduce a new important activity to the Group’s offer of interior design solutions and to further develop its industrial expansion, initiated in recent years with the merger of the furniture brands De Padova and MA/U Studio.

ADL is an Italian manufacturer founded in 2004 in Vicenza by Massimo Luca, a creative entrepreneur with a strong and wide-ranging experience in designing complex systems to connect and partition interior spaces.

Focused on innovation, quality and reliability, the current collection comprises state-of-the-art solutions with sliding, pivoting or hinging doors that allow communication between spaces, for both domestic and office environments.

ADL offers its discerning clients a sophisticated user experience thanks to its maximum sensibility towards both functionality and usability.
The completely tailor-made proposals are aimed at enhancing spaces by combining aesthetic harmony with the highest level of flexibility and customisation.

Over the years, top quality designs and customer service efficiency allowed the company to gain credibility as a specialised brand and, consequently, to achieve excellent economic results.

With great potential for growth, especially in international markets where it has not yet been efficiently distributed, ADL will benefit from the consolidated network of Boffi worldwide by effortlessly integrating itself with the furniture collections of the Group’s brands.

In 2019 ADL participates for the first time in the Salone del Mobile at the Boffi /De Padova booth, located in Hall 22 within the new S. Project space, also at its official debut.

Massimo Luca: “I would have not made a similar partnership with anyone other than Boffi. We have known and appreciated each other for many years. Their vision stands on a solid industrial know-how, of pivotal importance for mutual growth”.

Roberto Gavazzi: “Massimo is a genius resource. Having him with us is certainly an added value thanks to the perfect mix of creativity and technical / organisational expertise of his vision. Thanks to ADL and its collections, our interior design offer will be even more complete and consistent”.

Boffi|DePadova Chelsea new opening

Boffi|DePadova Chelsea new opening 150 150 ADL Design

Today, the building in Chelsea is further integrated into the architectural mood of Boffi|DePadova. From the ground floor up to the second level, the space incorporates three sides of the building and overlooks Sloane Avenue and Draycott Avenue. “This in an extraordinary loft that further enhances our complete proposal of interiors”, says CEO Roberto Gavazzi. “Boffi|DePadova Chelsea perfectly mirrors the design concept we want to convey.”

Developed by Chiara Tombari, Chief Creative Officer of Boffi|DePadova in conjunction with the vision of Piero Lissoni, the 900-sqm layout is perfectly in line with the understated and elegant themes seen in the group’s showrooms worldwide.

Three floors are connected to each other via a prominent helical staircase in sheet metal that captures the industrial nuances of the walls. Expansive windows allow in natural light to interpret the shades and profiles of the Boffi systems, the De Padova furniture and lighting, the ADL partition systems, the minimalist lines of MA/U Studio and the new collection from Time & Style ēdition.

The different entities of the brands interact with each other in a seamless fashion in combinations that coexist effortlessly. Framed by anthracite grey walls and expansive windows, the contemporary living space is a must-see for architects and interior designers.

The enlargement of the new showroom underlines the London presence of the group that began 15 years ago with the first Boffi showroom in Brompton Road, joined by the opening of the 400 sqm Boffi Wigmore space in 2011 and, last but not least, by De Padova showcase in 2019: the renovated three floors enhance Boffi|DePadova concept in Chelsea district.

“The importance of London in the design panorama”, says Gavazzi, “has encouraged the expansion of our space in one of the prime neighborhoods of the city.”

ADL Design Boffi|DePadova Chealsea new opening
ADL Design Boffi|DePadova Chelsea new opening

Boffi|DePadova @Milano Design Week 2021

Boffi|DePadova @Milano Design Week 2021 150 150 ADL Design

New architectural proposals, solutions, systems.
Boffi|DePadova world during Design Week.


Boffi Solferino
Via Solferino,11
05-10/09: 10am – 9pm

De Padova Santa Cecilia
Via Santa Cecilia, 7
05-10/09: 10am – 9pm

Fiera Milano Rho
Hall 04-D07
05-09/09: 10am — 7pm
10/09: 10am – 4pm

Elle Décor La Casa Fluida
Palazzo Bovara
Corso Venezia, 51
05-11/09: 10am — 8pm
12/09: 10am — 6pm

Superstudio Più
Via Tortona, 27
05-09/09: 11am — 9pm
10/09: 11am – 5pm

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